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Playlist Excerpts for CONTROL by Lydia Kang

Hey guys!

I always listen to music while I write.  With CONTROL, the playlist changed and morphed, but a few pieces stayed and had a lasting impact on the feel of my story. Needless to say, Chester Bennington was a huge, HUGE inspiration. I tried to refrain from having nothing but LP on this list, so here goes!

Leave Out All The Rest, by Linkin Park

These lyrics made me think of Zelia’s father:

When my time comes

Forget the wrong that I’ve done

Help me leave behind some

Reasons to be missed


Feel, by the House of Love

This is an old college favorite of mine, but that aching feeling of impending loss is incredible. Also, the opening lines are so ominous!

You see a sign

It comes to you

And whatever you say

It was in his eyes


Time, by Sarah McLachlan

Okay, so I *think* this song is really about divorce, but these lyrics made me think of the relationship between Zel and her Dad:

But you send your thieves to me

Silently stalking me

Dragging me into your war


Other Side of the World, by KT Tunstall

These lyrics kind of kill me:

Can you help me?

Can you let me go?

And can you still love me

When you can’t see me anymore?


And finally, more LP!

Waiting for the End, by Linkin Park

An instrumental decision that Zelia has to make is reflected in these lyrics:

I know what it takes to move on

I know how it feels to lie

Thanks for listening! I hope you play some of these songs if you read the book someday!

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