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GONE FISHING: A Novel in Verse – An Unconventional Crossroad of Children’s Literature

This past October I wrote a post comparing titles to GONE FISHING. It turned out to be a more challenging assignment than I had expected – I couldn’t find a book that was a direct match. I finally settled on four books that I could compare to different aspects of my book. The reason I couldn’t find one exact comparison: it turns out that a humorous fishing adventure sibling rivalry middle grade novel in verse for children ages six and up that includes poetry info isn’t all that common. I’d have to say it’s downright unusual.

I didn’t write GONE FISHING with the goal of being different. It began as a single poem called “Night Crawlers,” based on my good childhood memories. That one poem was soon joined by other poems about a father and son fishing. Poems that included a little sister surfaced. A story started to develop. The poetry began to take shape both literally and figuratively. A wise friend suggested naming those poems. My editor liked the named poem aspect and encouraged me to expand the story and poetry further and add poetry definitions. The final shape of GONE FISHING began to emerge and included these elements of poetry, story, and poetry writing tips.

As serendipity would have it, GONE FISHING lives at the whimsical, unconventional crossroad of Middle Grade Fiction, Middle Grade Novels in Verse, and The Study of Poetry for Any Age. I honestly don’t know of another book that resides at this specific intersection. Do you? If you feel like hanging out at this unique literary spot, come March 5, wander over to GONE FISHING for a read. The kids are on a fine adventure with Dad, the fish and the poetry are lively, and you don’t have to study a thing about poetry if you don’t want to. (Although, you may just want to!)


GONE FISHING: A Novel In Verse, by Tamera Will Wissinger, illustrated by Matthew Cordell, arrives March 5 from Houghton Mifflin Books for Children and is now available for preorder. A graduate of Hamline University’s MFA Writing for Children program, Tamera and her husband share their time between Chicago and Florida. Online you can find Tamera on her Website, Goodreads, Twitter, or Facebook.

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