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The Violence in Vengeance Bound


So, this month at the Class of 2K13 we’re talking about the violence in our books.  And I’m not spoiling much by telling you there’s violence in Vengeance Bound.

I mean, it’s kind of in the name.

My main character, Amelie (who goes by her alias Cory in much of the book) is possessed by the Furies.  These aren’t a couple of warm and fuzzy entities.  Nope.  They crave vengeance for those they see as bad or deserving of punishment.  And, you know, punishment = death.

So…yeah.  Pretty violent.

My book is recommended for ages 14 and up, and I agree with that recommendation.  If you want to give it to a kid younger than that?  Well, there’s nothing in my book that’s worse than titles like the Hunger Games.  But the violence is there.  Are you sure the person you’re handing it to is ready for it?

As a parent, I read everything before I give it to my kiddo.  And I recommend others do the same.  Or ask your local indie or library about the title.  Booksellers and librarians are great at knowing the content of books, and being able to discuss it.

And I believe forewarned is forearmed.

Help Out the Little Guy


One of the things I always focus in on during movies are the bystanders.  You know, the people fleeing for their lives during the climactic battles at the end of the movie?  They aren’t the main characters, and the cameras rarely focus on them for more than a “that woman is about to be crushed by a car” second.  Even though the story isn’t about them I always wonder how they feel.  Are Gothamers thinking “I really need to move to a safer city,” as yet another criminally insane fool sweeps into town?  Do New Yorkers wonder to themselves “Why does the Apocalypse ALWAYS have to start here?” as they flee the impending meteor?  I mean, how does the little guy feel?

And do we even really care?

I’ve been pondering that question a lot this week.  My book probably won’t be in Barnes and Noble when it comes out next week (inside story on that here).  For a debut author like myself, discovery usually happens when the book is on the shelf.  Eye catching cover and intriguing synopsis sell a book for a debut author, not name recognition.

With that out of the question (with the exception of indies, which are AMAZING and I highly suggest you use), the chances of anyone hearing/seeing my book is slim.  Same as a ton of other S&S titles.  But this happens to authors all the time.  So I came up with a short list of things you can do to support debut authors, or any author:

1. Tell people about the book.  Seriously. Word of mouth is the most powerful tool ever.  Leave reviews, tell friends, buy the book as a gift.  The only thing you need to do to support an author is tell everyone how much you liked the book.

That’s it.  Just number one.  It’s that easy.

Much easier than saving the world.

The Incomparable(ish) VENGEANCE BOUND

Thinking about how my book, VENGEANCE BOUND, is different from anything that’s out there wasn’t easy.  After all, most people want to know how my book compares to other books they’ve read, kind of like “If you like Sprite then you’ll love 7-Up” type of recommendations.    So pointing out what sets my book apart from the herd can be a little difficult.

Luckily, I made a list:

  1. Vigilante Justice: This might not seem like a big deal, after all, just about every hero in the DC pantheon is some kind of vigilante (Batman, Green Arrow, Huntress).  But the vigilante/revenge killing trope hasn’t really worked its way into YA yet.  Which might be a good thing, and maybe I shouldn’t have even brought this up…
  2. Possession by Greek Entities:  There’s possession out there in YA, and there are Greek gods and goddesses aplenty, but how many of them reside in a teenage girl’s mind?  Not nearly enough, I say.
  3. An Evil Doctor:  There just aren’t enough evil doctors running around in YA. Although I guess if you figure the evil scientists in YA probably have an advanced degree then there are probably plenty.  But I was running out of things for my list, so I had to include it.
  4.  Sledding:  Not enough sledding scenes in YA.  There’s one in Vengeance Bound, though, and that makes it different.
  5. My Name on the Front: Ha! First book, so that makes it the only one.

Okay, so maybe my book isn’t all that different from everything else that’s out there.  I still think it’s pretty awesome, and I hope you’ll check it out when it releases on April 2.


Comparable Titles for Justina Ireland’s Vengeance Bound

Justina Ireland talks about some of the comparable titles for her forthcoming YA Urban Fantasy, Vengeance Bound.

Justina Ireland & the Inspiration Behind VENGEANCE BOUND

Justina Ireland shares her inspiration for her forthcoming Young Adult Urban Fantasy, Vengeance Bound. 

Justina Ireland


The Goddess Test meets Dexter in an edgy, compelling debut about one teen’s quest for revenge… no matter how far it takes her.

Cory Graff is not alone in her head. Bound to a deal of desperation made when she was a child, Cory’s mind houses the Furies—the hawk and the serpent—lingering always, waiting for her to satisfy their bloodlust. After escaping the asylum where she was trapped for years, Cory knows how to keep the Furies quiet. By day, she lives a normal life, but by night, she tracks down targets the Furies send her way. And she brings down Justice upon them.

Cory’s perfected her system of survival, but when she meets a mysterious boy named Niko at her new school, she can’t figure out how she feels about him. For the first time, the Furies are quiet in her head around a guy. But does this mean that Cory’s finally found someone who she can trust, or are there greater factors at work? As Cory’s mind becomes a battlefield, with the Furies fighting for control, Cory will have to put everything on the line to hold on to what she’s worked so hard to build.

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Justina Ireland enjoys dark chocolate, dark humor, and is not too proud to admit that she’s still afraid of the dark. She lives with her husband, kid, and dog in Pennsylvania.

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