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Writers Are Fueled by Coffee & Little Moments

I was never much of a coffee drinker until this year. Last Christmas I got a Keurig, even though I was only an occasional indulger. The Keurig was a gift, something that I was grateful for and thought might come in handy on the more sluggish Saturday mornings.

Then I used it.

Good God. Why had I been putting cream and sugar in coffee previous to this? Someone tell me? I think my mistake was that I hadn’t been drinking *good* coffee, and now I was. And boy… was I. After the holidays I moved the Keurig into my office at work to serve as an enticement to actually get up and go to work in the mornings. Even though I love my job, the alarm always jolts me out of a lovely unconsciousness into reality – a place all writers know is a pale shadow of our daydreams.

So the Keurig began to get more attention, everyday. I drink two or three cups a day now, and while I hate that I need it, I also love that I have that excuse every time I cram a K-cup in there. I’ll get a headache if I don’t. It’s the polar opposite of the No-Sugar-Tonight-Honey excuse.

The coffee also serves as a ritual that politely jolts me into writing. I get to work about an hour early everyday (by choice) and I take that hour to settle in, hit my social media, and write up the blog for the day before I become Librarian Mindy. Coffee = Writing and I’m not the only writer who subscribes to that specific mathematically questionable equation.

Even so, we’re not just wandering brains attached to a pile of pink tissue that filters coffee. We use that caffeine (and the brain) to produce stories about things that never happened to people that don’t exist. Yet we care deeply about them, and we hope to make others invest in their dramatic fake lives as well. It’s a tall order, but sometimes it works out.

NOT  A DROP TO DRINK has been out in the world for a little less than a month, and I’m already having those experiences where I meet readers who want to know more about my fake world. Is anything else going to happen there? How did I create this place? What about the names of these people that don’t exist, how did I pick them? And mostly, WHY DID I DO THAT?? WHY, WHY MINDY WHY!??!?

It’s lovely.

And it’s pretty much why I do it. I’m still on a tour-phase at the moment. Coffee, hotels, small towns, big cities, little gorgeous indies, sprawling new-paper-smell chains and long, meandering conversations with other writers are my life right now.

It’s a pretty awesome life.

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What is WATTPAD and Why You Should Check It Out


Have you heard of Wattpad?

Are you interested in finding an audience for your story? Or getting published somewhere along the way? Enjoy writing YA, sci-fi, or fantasy? (These are the dominant genres on the site). Or maybe just want to read some great, new fiction for free?

Wattpad might be the place for you.

I confess, when I heard about it a year or so ago, I didn’t know much about it. I’ve heard people call Wattpad the “YouTube of Writing.” Basically, you can upload your own writing (often serially, a chapter at a time) and let the readers find you. You can read other people’s work too and the community is uber-supportive of new writers. It’s free for users and free for writers. There’s nothing to buy or sell here. But ultimately, Wattpad is a social media site. The forums are alive and kicking, lots of back and forth conversations start over posted pieces, and the usual follower/followers paradigm exists.

So…how popular is Wattpad?

Wattpad enjoys 10 million readers per month, who collectively spend 2  billion minutes reading and networking on the site. Those numbers blow me away! I know many of my blogger friends from the last few years are enjoying success on Wattpad with hundreds of thousands of views of their books, like February Grace.

Has Wattpad ever led to publisher deals?

Yes. Here’s the story of  author Brittany Geragotelis whose work received 15 million views on Wattpad before getting a deal with Simon and Schuster. And another story of a 17 year-old whose Random House deal followed 17 million views of her work on Wattpad. Wow!

There’s FanFunding!

Need money to make a particular project happen? Check out the vid here. Even with FanFunding, the stories are still free!

There are awards!

The Wattys are an annual award for some of the most popular fiction on the site.

Come read free excerpts of CONTROL on Wattpad!

CONTROL cover book page

So I’m excited to announce that I’ll be posting free sneak peeks of CONTROL on Wattpad! I’ll be posting five pages at a time, and I’ll be uploading more with every 50 reads+comments+votes!  So if you haven’t had a chance to check out Wattpad, here’s some more incentive. 😉 The first pages of CONTROL go up Wednesday, October 16th. Check it out here!

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Say Hello to The Class of 2k14!

Yes, it’s difficult to believe, but 2013 is nearing its end. The Class of 2k13 has only one more release (Hooray, Lydia!) and though we’ll be sad to see our debut year come to an end, we are also so thrilled to pass the buck to…


20 amazing YA and MG authors have once again banded together to create group synergy during their debut year!

Visit their website, follow them on Twitter, Like them on Facebook, sign up for their newsletter, and get ready to read some fantastic books in 2014!

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